Customized Pre Technical Interviews for Your Business

We recognise that, on sometimes, organisations require outside assistance in order to conduct effective interviews. There are times when your interviewers are short on time, you’re looking for newer talents that aren’t accessible in-house, or you’d want a second opinion on a candidate from an outside specialist.

These issues are addressed by our interview services. We assist you in removing interviewer biases and evaluating a candidate’s appropriateness throughout the organisation rather than for a single project or team.

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    How Interview Zone Work?

    Interview Zone takes off the hassle of interviewing hundreds of candidates on your lists. We offer you the most innovative tool of the times that enables you to upload the details of your candidates

    Panels of experts conduct interviews

    Our interview panellists are industry professionals who have been hand-picked following thorough research and analysis.

    Responsibility for schedules &operations

    Our staff helps with arranging and performing interviews, as well as providing input to the hiring team.

    Processes and reporting that are accurate

    We provide data-driven reports and customized feedback forms to assist you in making correct applicant decisions.

    For both recruiting teams and candidates, we offer a faster, fairer, and nicer hiring process. With conversational AI, video interviews, evaluations, and automatic scheduling, we interface with market-leading ATS and calendar systems to ease the most laborious and time-consuming hiring procedures. From time to hire to new hire diversity to applicant experience, you can address your most critical hiring problems on a single platform.

    • Both sides of the recruiting table desire the same thing: a smooth, quick, and more equitable hiring process.
    • Close the application black hole with automatic text updates and video interviews and tests that allow prospects to demonstrate their abilities on their own time, outside of the CV.
    • Remove mundane chores off your hiring team’s to-do list, allowing them to concentrate on human relationships.
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