Despite the presence of numerous new age digital tools and effective recruitment models, hiring the best talent in the industry is still considered a challenge for most modern companies. Worst of all, the fierce competition for qualified candidates has made it even more difficult for recruiters to find potential candidates.

Since today’s job market is largely driven by candidates, most HR professionals agree that it takes an enormous amount of time and effort to successfully hire the right people for open positions. But hiring managers can easily solve various talent acquisition challenges by leveraging a high-tech recruitment management solution with a smartly planned approach.

NIT Data, the leading IT consultancy andbest rpa training institute in Hyderabad, brings you the 6 best strategies which will help you hire the right candidates with less labor, thereby helping you overcome recruiting challenges and achieve top-notch business results quickly.


Hiring problems are found in many industries. Already, there is significant competition for the most qualified candidates, and with each new vacancy, this competition is only growing. Job applicants today can afford to be very selective, and more and more companies are diving into the talent pool, shrinking with every new job they fill and making the next hiring manager much more difficult.

In fact, in a recent survey it was found that respondents cited generating interest from qualified candidates as the most difficult aspect of the hiring process.

Without a doubt, successfully recruiting the right people today can take a huge amount of effort. But employers who take a smart and focused approach to solving hiring problems can still meet their staffing needs.

The undeniable fact is that recruiting quality talent is still a top priority for a large number of new generation recruiters and hiring managers. When it comes to attracting and hiring the right employees, there is no denying that experience plays an important role in determining whether or not a recruiter will be successful.

So, read on to find out how to improve your recruiting performance and solve the biggest recruiting challenges of 2020 without putting in too much effort.

  1. Upgrade your Hiring Process with a Recruitment Solution

Without a doubt, a manual approach to recruiting that involves a lot of paperwork can drain the energy of HR professionals and slow down the entire hiring process many times over. As they invest their efforts in monotonous talent scouting activities, it becomes difficult for them to keep track of the best talent.

That’s why recruiters should consider empowering their recruiting process by implementing state-of-the-art recruiting software that will ensure a continuous flow of information through systems and help them eliminate some of the extra costs associated with recruiting.

With the right recruiting solution, today’s hiring managers can automate a wide range of manual recruiting tasks and increase their productivity in the workplace  

Once most of the tedious aspects of recruiting are simplified, they can easily focus on hiring and placing the most qualified candidates. However, it is extremely important to make sure that the recruiting system you purchase is equipped with a centralized database that stores all vital information regarding candidates so that all authorized users can access it in real time to open doors for the team recruitment. This will pave the way for a smooth hiring process and help recruiters get rid of inconsistencies quickly.

  1. Assess Candidates Before Hiring Them

Human Resources staff agree that hiring the wrong candidates can have a negative impact on the overall performance of the company.

The best way to make sure you find the right candidates is to assess their potential before hiring them. Make sure you have an effective screening process in place to weed out candidates who are not qualified enough to meet the basic requirements of the job. Beyond that, make sure you ask the right questions when interviewing potential candidates to test their skills and determine if they’re a good fit or not.

  1. Attract Purple Talent a.k.a Top Talent & Boost Candidate Experience

Since attracting the right candidates is easy in today’s era, it has become necessary for recruiters to nurture the best talent to speed up the hiring process and get the results they want.

To do this, they must go to great lengths to encourage candidates to apply for open positions. They can personalize their communications with candidates by sending them regular newsletters that impress them. They should also allow employees to work remotely in certain positions for the best response.    

Above all, they must focus on providing candidates with exceptional experience throughout the talent search process to ensure they remain interested in working for the company. Recruiters should make the necessary efforts to streamline the job application process so that job seekers do not encounter any problems when filling out.

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Chatbots can be used to effectively communicate with potential customers and provide them with answers to their questions related to the position, salary increase, company, etc. What’s more, HR professionals need to constantly collect candidate feedback on the hiring process so that they feel that their opinion is highly valued by the organization.

  1. Retain the Best Employees

It is important to understand that retaining the best employees is just as important as hiring them. Companies that cannot retain talent suffer from high employee turnover and are often forced to incur huge costs. HR professionals must ensure that employees’ contributions are valued and that they can work in a flexible work environment. In addition to being rewarded for their efforts, they should receive excellent growth opportunities from time to time that will help them succeed in their careers.

  1. Reduce the Time to Hire

The most important recruiting metric to track is the time to hire metric. Taking too long to fill a vacancy means the risk of fast-moving (high-quality) candidates. First, the lengthy hiring process causes many candidates to lose interest in the position. There is a good chance that the candidate has already applied for another job and received a response before your company made a decision.

Consequences: Organizations will have to go through another recruiting cycle to find a replacement. This chronic vacancy will lead to low productivity and creativity.

Solution: One of the most effective ways to reduce hiring time is to use a talent pipeline—a group of people you previously selected for a specific role.

  1. Grab the Candidates Attention in this Hot Market

There is so much noise in the market, making it difficult to grab the attention of candidates. One of the greatest obstacles for recruiters is connecting with the right talent through the noise of all other recruiters trying to reach out to the same potential candidates.


You can build a strong and reliable brand that makes the right candidates chase your organization, rather than the other way around. There are multitude of ways to create a brand within budget, from creating stand-out LinkedIn career pages to sharing stories of real employees on social media.  The main goal is to show candidates how your company could help them to find purpose & grow in their respective careers.

You don’t have to advertise your work, wait for applications to come in, or waste time screening candidates when you have a pool of knowledgeable people online. All you have to do now is contact these people about the open position.

Attracting and retaining the best talent in today’s hyper-competitive job market has become a challenge, especially for startups. Since manual HR tasks take valuable time from recruiters, it becomes extremely difficult for them to focus on improving the overall quality of hiring and speeding up the hiring process.

To successfully combat this challenge, HR professionals around the world are investing in cutting-edge technology tools to find the right candidates with all the right job skills to quickly fill positions in their company.

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