Managed Services

To guarantee business continuity, our Applications Managed Services Team has considerable experience managing the complete Application Landscape, including development support and maintenance across support levels from L0 to L3 (where we coordinate with the individual OEMs of standard applications).

We allow our clients to concentrate on their main business while we ensure that their core and non-core applications, as well as bespoke apps, run smoothly. Our team focuses on enhancements such as intelligent automation to increase efficiency and decrease human involvement after a certain degree of stability has been achieved.

  • Intuitive takeover of apps and platforms in the shortest time feasible.
  • Comprehensive, real-time status reports and periodic documentation are available through a portal.
  • Over and above SLAs, concentrated efforts to resolve significant situations
  • Improving Managed Services Return on Investment by concentrating on legacy modernization, cloud enablement, intelligent automation, and cybersecurity.

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    • With us, integrated architectures, and top security, provide managed services for customers of all sizes, throughout their domains.
    • Create new services using cloud-based, multi-tenant, scalable technologies. Managed Services can also be white labelled or resold. You can come to market faster with flexible usage and financing. You can win and grow with marketing and sales enablement.
    • The ease with which you may deploy and operate your system lowers your operational costs. Special pricing and incentives might help you boost your profits even more.
    • The sector’s most partner-centric firm, dedicated to your long-term success in managed services and resale.
    • Deliverables that are measurable, straightforward, and transparent
    • Existing applications are being optimised for a higher return on investment and a healthier bottom line.
    • Over and above SLAs, a common point of resolution for applications and infrastructure
    • Security solutions that are best-in-class, process adherence and access control, and data breach event mitigation
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