Visualise Data using Python and Excel
Visualise Data using Python and Excel
Visualise Data using Python and Excel
Visualise Data using Python and Excel

Data Science

Best Data Science Course in Hyderabad with Placement Support!

Hunting for a job or looking to make a career switch?

Become a Data Science certified professional & get placed with our placement programs!

NIT DATA offers placement-oriented data science courses in Hyderabad. It will make you an expert in data analysis using the latest programming languages. This course will enable you to use your data science skills to make informed business decisions. 


    The data science course will make you an expert in data analysis using the latest programming languages. This course will enable you to use your data science skills to make informed business decisions. 

    • Real-time projects with the hands-on training
    • 100% placement assistance
    • Hands-on practice in deploying cloud applications
    • Qualified & Experienced team of trainers
    • Team of experts bringing the best in you.
    • Imparting high-quality certification training as per the current industry standards.

    While studying Data Science, you will receive innovative and effective guidance from industry experts. The course will reward you with an industry-recognized certification that will help you gain the attention of top recruiting companies. You will work on real projects to improve your hands-on training in the industry. 

     As per the recent research, data science is the most challenging work of the 21st century. So a data science certification will help you land your dream job. 

    NIT DATA offers you the opportunity to choose from a variety of online data science courses. Our experts can help you understand the techniques used to extract meaningful information from your complex and unstructured data. 

    Data science is the key to trending technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence. The Data Science curriculum is designed to enable you to learn different types of statistical techniques and use them to create business strategies, roadmaps, and various business models for the growth of your organization. 

    At NIT, we provide innovative and effective data science education in line with current industry standards. Our training sessions are delivered by top-notch instructors in a well-equipped laboratory with live projects. If you want to be included in the list of the best multinationals as a data scientist, this data science training is the best fit for you. 

    We have dedicated placement programs and world class instructors for the data science course. To be the best, learn from the best. The trainers of our company have over 15 years of experience in the sector. We offer flexible hours for both recent graduates and working professionals, as well as affordable prices for a data science course. 

    Master the concepts of data science and accelerate your professional growth with us. Our experienced instructors will help you gain experience!

    Salient Features: 

    Successfully Placed Students

    Data administration and management being the biggest challenges of the information explosion happening these days, this data science course gets the deeper and yet knowledgeable course for the data analytics professionals. The course allows one to bring up their basic data base knowledge and make it apply to the more advanced level of data science which is a very much typically needed mindset for the current data analysis of IT field.

    • To know about the business intelligence and business analysis
    • To understand the descriptive statistics of Data analysis
    • To excel working with Tableau
    • To get introduced to R and data exploration to R
    • Understand to create Decision trees.
    • To understand Data collection and data mining
    • Know the importance of big data technologies
    • To get the prior idea about the Loop functions and debugging tools
    • To learn running non-parametric tests
    • Managers
    • Data analysts
    • Business analysts
    • Operators
    • Job Seekers
    • End users
    • Developers
    • Freshers/Graduates
    • IT professionals

    To attend this highly evolved data science course, most of the Information technology professionals having analytical thinking are needed. Those who want to move from basic trending and analyzing till the typical analytical thinking about the data. People having the more quantitative skills, technical background complementarily can attend the course, as either of them have the need to fill their gaps of knowledge to move further.

    To manage whopping amount of the data, data scientists are needed who are the most enthusiastic people. These can handle large volumes of data and literally play with it, to give inferences and create spot trends upon the data. It is the undoubtedly emerging field in data analysis which has great link with the upcoming data software that are being prepared for the improvisation of data management.

    Attend Free Data Science Demo at NIT DATA- The Best Data Science Training Institute to analyze the way of further training classes.

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