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The Build-Operate-Transfer model is a partnership-based financing model for large projects. NiT DATA offer BOT service with a strong commitment that will benefit your company in a variety of ways. Our BOT model is frequently cited as a better alternative to outsourcing because it speeds up development while also lowering project costs. We would transfer the work to the client once it is fully established. It is the best way to optimise and run a business, particularly in the field of information technology, with a contractually stipulated intent.

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    BOT Model

    Experts on our board, before undertaking a project would decide the size and complexity of the project & our team of professionals will analyse the scope & development of the project.


    This phase requires the service provider to explore the scope of the business. With your idea being our priority, we would only reshape it to bring out the maximum benefits. Recruiting developers and skilled professionals is also part of this initial process.


    After building a project, , the following phase is to ensure that all of the project’s resources are properly managed. This is the time to choose the best practises that will help the company grow even further.


    At the final stage, the client takes over the fully established project. The management is handed over to the client with the initial idea being the core of the business. Even at this stage, we provide support to the client in many areas.

    Experts on our board, before undertaking a project would decide the size and complexity of the project. Before coming into a partnership with your company, our team of professionals will look into the scope of development of the project and will come up with innovative and creative ideas.

    Due to our experience in the field of BOT service, our team would decide the set-up time, which will be lower than most of the companies in the market

    SO here at NIT data, we plan to offer you BOT service in a well-planned manner. Our team of qualified and hardworking professionals has pledged to work for the betterment of your company in every possible aspect.

    Why NiT Data?

    • Delivered over 25+ BOT Projects.
    • Partnered with 100+ Corporates.
    • Domain Specific Firm & ability to scale rapidly.
    • Access to our Nextzen technologies.
    • Deep competency in the required skills.
    • Powered by 1000+ technology experts.
    • 24*7 Operations.
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