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About us

“Our services are not just our business-its our promise & we are Committed to Deliver”

NiT DATA is a ISO 9001:2019 certified global IT Training, Consulting & Technology firm that delivers high-quality IT services to its clients. NiT DATA Management team is a perfect blend of technology & management which have driven the business in dynamic and challenging environment. At NiT DATA our experts leverage the power of technology to make sure that our clients recruit the most suitable candidates for their organization.We are pioneer in creating employablity focused transformation programs for IT & other industries. At NiT DATA we work closely with our corporate partners to understand their requirememnts and develop innovative solutions which help them meet their Training & Talent Acquistion needs. Our Strengths and exeperience will benefit your business wherever it operates.

From Technological solutions to talent acquisition and development. NIT data serves as a single place multi-service platform that will be enough for any business. Regardless of the size of your firm, our firm pledges to work for the success of your company. With deep experience in the industry, our strategic solutions we plan to give your company a head start in the market.

NIT data is not about only providing its clients with mere services but working with them to transform and reshape their businesses. Our strengths and experience in the market will add up to your benefits and you will explore that our services are our “promises” which we are committed to delivering.

Our Mission

Our aim is to help our clients expand their businesses by providing innovative design, development, and market-defining high-quality solutions that add value and provide a dependable competitive edge to customers all over the world.

  • Our experts ensure that tailored and validated solutions are produced to the highest standard, based on the demands and requirements of our customers.
  • We think that every employee should have an ownership quotient in order to have a participatory attitude. Employees believe they are a part of the success plan.
  • We place a great emphasis on achieving successful outcomes. To achieve efficient results, we mix deep functional expertise, worldwide benchmarks, and holistic persons.

Our vision

We founded NIT DATA because we were certain that there was always a better way. We got the idea that we could assist businesses in locating it. We wanted to expand our personnel, knowledge base, and product line. We wanted to accomplish this so that we could provide individuals limitless options for doing business faster, better, and smarter than ever before. We achieved this objective in less than a decade, and it will continue to be our vision for the next ten years.

Core values

  • We stick to our core concept of doing what is best for the client rather than what is most profitable for ourselves.
  • By adopting an owner advocate mentality, we are able to focus on client success.
  • Every project we work on for a customer is approached collaboratively.
  • Design, pre-construction, procurement, construction, commissioning, and validation are all areas where we excel.
  • Employees are our most valuable asset, and we treat them with respect. We promote a collaborative atmosphere in which everyone’s input is valued and differences are accepted.


Our Indulgence

Skill development:
Skill development:

Powered by 1000+ Subject Matter Experts (SME's) in over 5000+engagements & 10k+ workshops we’ve helped companies Skill, Re-Skill & Up-Skill their employees. Offering over 250+ exquisitely designed courses that will greatly assist the HR/L&D teams.


Powered by 1000+ screeners we offer Interview as a service (IAAS). Our customized Interview solutions have greatly helped organizations recruit high-quality resources in less TAT.

Staffing Solutions
Staffing Solutions

Powered by 50+ recruiters serving more than 100+ corporates NiT DATA is One of India's leading providers of Staff augmentation and Solutions. With over 5000+ deployments in a decade NiT DATA had come a long way to become a trusted vendor in the Staffing arena.

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